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Windows 10 Tips

A lot of you have upgraded to the new Windows 10 operating sys. There are a lot of changes, some good some maybe not so easy to think of as good. (hows that for being PC .. Oooh bad pun?? !) So how about a couple of pointers of where to find things you may be having trouble finding. Where the hell are settings ???? Ok right now with the latest release version 1511build 10586.14 you will find settings in 2 different locations.. (how do I know what version I have you ask? Click in the search box and type WINVER and press enter. ) The first place to look is in ..well settings.. You will find this by clicking on the start flag (that square box looking thing lower left of the bottom of the computer on what is called the TASK BAR) . Settings button looks like a gear. The other way to bring up settings is windows key (the one between Ctrl key and Alt key lower left of standard keyboard) + the I (eye) key . The other place to change settings and add or remove things is control panel . This can be found by RIGHT clicking on the start flag and then choosing an option. In this pop up menu you will find Programs and features (where you can repair or remove programs ) Device manager Control panel ( the older familiar one ) Command Prompt (admin ) And others .. OK you confused now???? Go and click around these settings See what is there. (try not to change anything until your familiar with what the setting does. ) A good way to find out what the setting will do is google or bing for something like " How do I add user in windows 10 " or " how do I add a printer + Win 10 "

I will add more tips/tricks in the future.

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